How thorough is your personal hygiene routine? Would you say that all the essentials are covered? Little do we know it, but an occasional recap might reveal some flaws that can easily be addressed with the right products. Unfortunately, one aspect people often neglect is oral care. Regular visits to the dentist can only do so much if we do not follow up at home. Therefore, it’s time for a stylish upgrade with EVO and its BLP-1.

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicated, traditional toothbrushes need to be replaced every three to four months. Sadly, this is something we often neglect, which could be one of the underlying causes of poor dental health. Thankfully, EVO engineered the BLP-1 with a range of smart features to help us maintain a killer smile.


The market is currently brimming with choices, which can overwhelm the average consumer. At the end of the day, if you don’t know where and what to shop for, then we’re here to lend a hand. EVO has been in the industry since 2002 and has since established a solid reputation with more than 10,000 dental offices in its network.

After the success of its first official collaborative project with Marvel for the IRM-1 – an Iron Man-inspired rechargeable sonic toothbrush, it was ready for another. Not only was it a cool tie-in with the MCU, but everything from the packaging, accessories, and documentation were all meticulously in theme with the franchise.

Its next entry – the SPM-1 – was carefully curated for fans of Spider-Man and was likewise bundled with outstanding extras. Additionally, it came with upgrades to enhance your brushing experience. Fast-forward to 2023 and the BLP-1 is a tribute to the Black Panther and is perhaps the most advanced SKU from EVO yet.

“Over 20 different prototypes were created with 13 different modifications and a countless number of variations. Due to design complexity, highly technical operators were needed to fix compatibility, taking more than 2 years to complete,” writes EVO regarding the new rechargeable sonic toothbrush.

At its core is a cutting-edge control processor in charge of “27 software functions like a colored LCD display, touch screen interaction, pressure sensors, gyroscopic sensors, low frequency wireless charging, and an illuminated charging indicator and lamp.”


Just like their previous two superhero-based outings, the latest offering does not skimp on details. In fact, the BLP-1 might be their most intricately designed model to date. From the sophisticated box, brush handle, and charging base, the craftsmanship is phenomenal. To sum it all up, EVO understands the nuances that make their products extremely appealing to collectors in general.

Sophisticated patterns inspired by the Black Panther comics are incorporated into the BLP-1 in the most visually striking means possible with its body textured in black alongside accents of purple and silver. Even the included charging base and travel case are styled in the same way.


Cosmetics aside, the rechargeable sonic touchscreen toothbrush introduces exclusive technical capabilities over its predecessors. Starting at the top of the BLP-1’s control panel is the EVO Touch – an LCD touchscreen interface. Here you can toggle between five cleaning modes: Gum Care, Deep Clean, Standard, Sensitive, and Whitening. The four intensity levels are also adjustable via swipes of your finger.

For added convenience, the EVO Ninety reminder system prompts users to swap out the brush heads for fresh ones. Furthermore, it flashes a QR code that you can scan with a smartphone for a seamless transition to the checkout page with the necessary items in your cart. Meanwhile, a built-in gyroscope sensor registers motions as you pick up the toothbrush and issue a greeting according to the time of day, sure to make anyone smile. All the way down is an LED status bar for the battery level.

Behind the ergonomic grip is a dedicated pressure sensor indicator LED. Its location is strategic for visibility when the user is in front of a mirror. Think of it as an integrated failsafe that automatically dials down the vibrations when there is a risk of injury to the enamel or gums and flashes red until you stop pushing down too hard. Make your oral care routine special with this in your hygiene kit at home or during travel.


EVO is launching the BLP-1 Black Panther Rechargeable Sonic Touchscreen Toothbrush on Kickstarter this November 2023. Production would follow soon thereafter, and orders should ship out early in December. We believe this would make one awesome gift for Black Panther fans and comic book aficionados alike. You should not miss out on the massive 50% discount provided to backers of this crowdfunding campaign.

The collector’s edition ships in a fancy display box that delivers a unique sound and light show as you crack it open. The set includes the brush handle, two brush heads, a charging base, a charging cord, a debossed travel case, and documentation. An exclusive gold hardware version will be available on Kickstarter, as well as additional accessories for purchase. The BLP-1 will eventually be offered on EVO’s official store page at regular pricing as well as other optional accessories.

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