Gamepads, like most gaming peripherals, are typically engineered for durability and ergonomics. Little do we know it, but we can get carried away during gameplay and potentially damage our controllers. Thankfully, first-party models are usually crafted to last as long as they are used properly. So far, 8BitDo has continuously exceeded our expectations and is the brand we recommend for hardware like the M30.

The color, button layout, and emblem at the center are a dead giveaway as to what this controller is for. Wireless may be the way to go for modern game systems, but wired offers the best performance when it comes to latency. Companies can call their cord-free technologies whatever they want, but everything basically functions the same way.

As such, professional gamers and perhaps some of us who are up for a bit of nostalgia won’t mind the wire. Anyway, 8BitDo opted for a removable USB-C cable to make everything easy to organize after use. The M30 is a great alternative to the stock Xbox controller. Its form factor is comfortable to hold during long gaming sessions as well.

According to the compatibility list, the M30 is officially licensed by Microsoft and will natively work on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Windows PCs. Its design with six face buttons should appeal to players who like fighting games. Moreover, it retains the triggers to make the transition to other genres seamless.

Turn the gamepad over to find switches that will set the d-pad from standard to the left analog stick and another for the extra buttons. The M30 measures 147.2 mm x 74.5 mm x 31.2 mm and weighs 112.5 grams. If the titles you play requires twin analog sticks, 8BitDo has other models to cater to your requirements.

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Images courtesy of 8BitDo