Sometimes a regular luxury boat just doesn’t cut it. Italian shipbuilder Evo Yachts knows this very well and has consequently recently unveiled their second convertible vessel called Evo 43. In less than a minute, the boat can go from a regular cruiser to an exciting open deck ideal for sunbathing and even a small party on the water.

Evo 43 Luxury BoatBack View, Evo 43 Transformable Luxury Boat

The multifunctional platform takes shape as the boat’s sides begin to open along the stern quarters. The transformation also involves another separate platform which moves upward and outwards at the transom to further enhance the available space. The result is a 40 percent larger deck, or 270 square feet of space to be more precise.

For extra room, the modular seats can be easily rearranged, while the outdoor galley consisting of a refrigerator, a sink and an induction stove can be tucked away into the side of the cockpit. The back panel is also very mobile, and it can be used either to facilitate swimmers’ access onto the boat by lowering it into the water, or to help a guest step onboard by raising it to a dock’s level.

Both closed and open, Evo 43 is a truly beautiful boat, with head-turning aesthetics by naval architect Valerio Rivellini of Studio Tecnico Rivellini in Naples. The teal decks create a sophisticated contrast against the black hull and smoky wedge-shaped windshield. Minimalist and fresh, this is a project that manages to bring style and functionality together in perfect harmony.

Luxury Boat Evo 43 Cockpit Evo 43 Luxury Boat Back Panel Evo 43 Boat Interior