Nowadays, other than the Apple Watch and a few models from various brands, smartwatches have kind of lost its appeal. This is mostly due to the fact that most wearables feature dismal battery life. We understand that the novelty of having a wrist-based gadget that’s connected to your smartphone is slowly ebbing away, yet there are certain products that seek to renew our interests. These devices need some kind of gimmick to set it apart from masses—for example, the rotating bezel controls of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch. The EveRest Smartwatch presents something new to the table.

That’s why we really dig the product designed by Chanmi Lee from South Korea. As the product name suggests, this concept wearable will be marketed to those whose idea of a good time is to conquer peaks as high as the gadget’s namesake. In an extreme environment, communication and proper preparation could mean life or death.

What makes this smartwatch unique is the three screens that display different information for the user—time, date, heart rate, and the main screen for all other smart functions. There are two Flexible Numeric Displays (FNDs) and one Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). The set includes a Bluetooth earphone with a built-in heart rate sensor. In case of an emergency, there is a dedicated SOS/call button to alert your group during your climb.

EveRest Smartwatch

Photos courtesy of Chanmi Lee