Although the latest games are chock-full of engaging gameplay and stunning graphics, most players still occasionally revisit the classics. To get that home console vibe, most players can either go for the unofficial route (emulation) or check out the Evercade VS. Blaze Entertainment presents a modern platform that runs fully licensed software.

Don’t you ever miss the look, sounds, and feel of the game systems you owned when you were a kid? Even younger gaming enthusiasts these days want to experience how and what their parents or grandparents for that matter played. The Evercade VS should come close which is cool.

Gaming on the go has been growing over the years thanks to developers releasing Android and iOS versions of popular titles. Nevertheless, there’s just some special about getting together and playing side by side. This was the way before the internet finally took things online.

The Evercade VS might not exactly replicate everything such as bad ergonomics and outdated connectivity options, but it does embody the spirit of gaming back in the day. It plugs into your TV via HDMI and features four USB-A ports for controllers.

Two Evercade Game Controllers should be in the box and Blaze Entertainment notes that most USB gamepads should work as well. In fact, if you have the Evercade Handheld, it can also double as another controller. Another awesome feature is the dual cartridge system which lets you access up to 40 games.

Now, you can finally play through your backlog of retro games and have your loved ones join in the fun. Wi-Fi connectivity allows the Evercade VS to download firmware updates and more. The console even boasts a nostalgic design with a flip-up dust cover that reminds us of the NES.

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Images courtesy of Blaze Entertainment