With headphone manufacturers relying on technological advances to stay ahead of the competition, Israeli-based startup EVEN has just introduced their new Bluetooth headphones that use an interactive software app to test your hearing and then customize playback for the optimal listening experience for your ears only!

The EVEN H2 Wireless Headphones ($300) make use of a ‘personal assistant’ to walk you through the setup of your unique ‘Ear Print’ and saves it for your use. For shared headphones or to experience different sound profiles, the app can save multiple Ear Prints as no one truly hears exactly the same as anyone else.

The EVEN H2 are collapsible and have a vintage look with the eco-friendly wooden ear cups and vegan leather trim. Inside the headphones feature 40mm Beryllium drivers capable of 110+/-2db with less than 3% harmonic distortion and a battery that keeps you going for a full 20 hours a day.