James Baroud set out to make the best rooftop tents, capable of standing up to harsh off-road conditions and extremes in weather. Their latest model, the Evasion Evolution ($3,600) continues this trend of excellence.

Fitting on the roof racks of most vehicles, the Evasion Evolution fits within its fiberglass fortified polyester hard shell which closes to just 13.2 inches. The tent opens nearly effortlessly as two special struts raise it to the full 40″ height in just five seconds and has elasticized seams to pull the fabric walls in when closing. As well as a high-density foam mattress, the Evasion Evolution Rooftop Tent also provides three screened and zippered doors and a reversible MCV fan that helps ventilate and remove condensation. The folding ladder can be positioned on either side. The tent is waterproof and has been tested to withstand winds up to 74 mph.

The Evasion Evolution comes in two sizes with the larger big enough to fill the top of even large 4x4s. The standard is 55″ x 78″ and the XXL is 64″ x 89″. Easily sleeping two people, this innovative tent keeps you well away from any ground-dwelling dangers.