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Touted as the world’s first personal air conditioner, Evapolar ($180) is a cube (6.7″/17 cm side) that can be placed on a flat surface, cooling your environment. Even better, the device also purifies & humidifies the space at the same time.

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Unlike traditional air conditioners that use mildly-toxic refrigerant gases (e.g., Freon) to create a strong flow of cold dry air, Evapolar employs good ol’ water and paper-thin evaporative materials, emulating a natural air cooling process. The unit features a detachable 25 oz/750 ml water tank (which needs to be refilled every 6-8 hours), and it plugs into a regular power grid or power bank via USB, for convenient portability. You’ll get your own personal climate for an area of 13 ft²/4 m², with a max temperature decrease of 59 °F/15 °C, and you won’t need to monkey around with screws, drills, or heavy lifting. It consumes only 10W, so you’re also saving the Earth.

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