With almost every carmaker now committed to the complete electrification of their entire lineup in the next few years, companies are developing new technology for the surging number of EVs. Soon, gas stations will become relics of a bygone era as charging stations eventually replace them. Pushing the envelope even further are innovative platforms like the ZiGGY.

This is a mobile charging robot being developed by EV Safe Charge for the parking lots of various establishments. These can be retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and other businesses that EV owners frequently go to.

You can book a charging session via a mobile app or through a compatible infotainment unit for some emission-free rides. Another cool function of the ZiGGY is the ability to reserve an available parking spot for you. Once your electric vehicle is in position, it will commence charging.

For now, the company says the system will support Level 2 charging at the start, which is approximately 12-80 miles per hour. However, the goal is to eventually hit Level 3 to provide at least 3-20 miles per minute. Design-wise, the ZiGGY looks like a high-tech monolith with all-wheel steering.

There are two large displays on each side, which turns it into a mobile billboard for advertising. Sensors that wrap around its body and cameras on all sides help the robot navigate around the parking lot. Furthermore, it helps position the charging cable close to the receptacle of the EV.

Once its batteries are almost depleted the ZiGGY will return to a designated location to recharge. EV Safe Charge plans to start production in 2023. Maybe we’ll soon see them deploy a fleet of these to test how well the units perform in real-world scenarios.

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ZiGGY roaming ZiGGY charging

Images courtesy of EV Safe Charge