Surveys show that more people are now inclined to switch to all-electric versions of their favorite platforms. As such, the sales of electric vehicles and motorcycles have noticeably surged over the years. On the flip side, the rest who choose to stick with traditional models do so for various reasons. As such, the EUTERPE 9 is a concept that might change some opinions.

We’ve asked a few folks as to why they prefer regular bikes over the many sustainable models currently out there. Unanimously, most look for the familiar purr when idle, the menacing roar when you twist the throttle, and the vibration of the engine.

All of these are what motoring purists want to hear and feel when they go for a ride. Lin Yu Cheng shares how he plans to address a few of these iconic characteristics with the EUTERPE 9. Depending on the size and power of the electric motor, most eco-friendly modes of transportation are virtually silent.

In fact, some manufacturers outfit their machines with speakers that can generate exhaust noises for the sake of regulations. The EUTERPE 9, on the other hand, borrows elements from wind instruments to create distinct acoustics. What looks like its stylish fairings are actually metal tubes with downward-facing exits.

As the electric superbike moves, the tone or pitch of the sounds will depend on its speed. Moreover, these resonant harmonies change when the rider leans in to turn. The automotive designer reveals that this concept was inspired by the Singing Ringing Tree sculpture in Burnley, England. The pipes endow that EUTERPE 9 with a muscular yet sharp stature that just screams futuristic.

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Images courtesy of Lin Yu Cheng