When gyms were closed amid the pandemic, many of us had no choice but to exercise at home. Some of you might have taken up cycling given its remarkable popularity at the time, but weight training remains a popular fitness routine. If you feel it’s time to take it outside, Ethimo offers a premium and stylish solution dubbed the OUT-FIT.

Crafted in collaboration with Studio Adolini, this is an outdoor gym for homes with enough al-fresco spaces to accommodate one. With summer just around the corner, some of us should get an early start to achieve a defined physique just in time to hit the beach or pool. So what are you getting?

The OUT-FIT is an all-in-one home gym setup with a sturdy frame built out of stainless steel. Instead of rubber or composites, the floor is clad in teak as well as its roof. Its metal components are coated in rust-colored paint with a matte texture.

Ethimo’s shade of choice bestows a weathered profile. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it also matches the brown faux leather upholstery of the bench and punching bag. As health experts say, a bit of sunshine can facilitate the body’s production of vitamin D.

Before you place an order, double-check to see if your property can accommodate an 8′ x 8′ structure when put together. In addition to boxing, there are several strength training routines available with the OUT-FIT. It includes a pull-up bar, monkey bars, pull-up rings, parallel bars, and a mat.

A snippet from the product page reads, “OUT-FIT is the project that sees Ethimo create an unusual way of outdoor living and connecting with the landscape, extending the concept of comfort to an element that strives towards equilibrium between physical fitness and general wellbeing.”

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Images courtesy of Ethimo