Swiss design and technology company 42foundry has developed a new way to look at time. Combining such everyday elements as seven-segment digital displays, embossed fonts, and engraving, they have given time a special look on the face of their ETCH Clock ($1,370).

The ETCH is 15 3/4″ square and can be hung on either a wall or, by screwing on the base, can sit on the desk or mantle. Inside the elegantly understated aluminum frame, the face of the ETCH is covered with a Dark Peacock colored elastomer surface. Each thirty seconds the clock will create a digital time display within that surface, not with light but through a process that actually sinks etched-looking 3-D numerals into the elastic surface.

With the phone app you can quickly synchronize the ETCH clock with your local time as well as choose from two display methods, one with the time fading in and then out every thirty seconds or to display only when its onboard sensors detect ambient sound or noise. Details in the video