Electric mobility solutions are steadily becoming the ubiquitous option of getting around in urban areas. Rather than being at the mercy of public transportation for your daily commute, using a motorized personal platform is more feasible. Moreover, you’ll feel good about yourself for doing your part to reduce emissions. If you’re in the market for a stand-up scooter, check out what the ZETAZS Ranger Pro has to offer.

Whether you intend to use it for leisure or work, each trip should be quite an enjoyable experience. The fact that you’re not contributing to pollution, should also make you feel good about your decision. No parking spots? Not to worry because with ZETAZS Ranger Pro can fold down for easy storage. An integrated kickstand also keeps its upright.

The steering column locks into place so you can hold it as a carrying handle. Tipping the scales at about 32 lbs, it shouldn’t be a bid deal to lug it around every now and then. Another cool facet of the ZETAZS Ranger Pro is the ABS braking system. This should deliver reliable stopping power when you need it.

Uneven surfaces won’t even bother you as the dual-spring suspension system keeps your ride smooth all the way. Getting a flat is near impossible with this e-scooter as it is equipped with 10-inch non-pneumatic tires. A full charge should be enough for a 37-mile trip with a top speed of 19 mph.

The manufacture claims the powerful electric motor can even tackle a 25% incline without breaking a sweat. Headlights and LED light strips on the deck should keep you visible at night. Just in case your ZETAZS Ranger Pro falls into the wrong hands, its smart locking system will render it unusable without the paired smartphone in range.

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Images courtesy of ZETAZS