Working in a fast-paced corporate world means you must be constantly connected so you don’t miss a call, a message, or to keep up to date with recent events. Normally, this requires not just your smartphone, but your laptop, tablet, and other devices prepped up on your table. But the problem when you’ve got this setup is the messy cables that would only serve as counterintuitive to a productive day at work. That’s where the ESR 6-in-1 Charging Station comes in.

It supports a host of Apple devices in a minimalist and elegant aesthetic that easily becomes a statement piece on your desk. Its advanced technology and compact design eliminate the clutter while ensuring a seamless charging experience for Apple users. Dubbed the “world’s first Apple-Certified 6-in-1 Charging Station,” it offers Made for MagSafe wireless charging while maintaining optimum charging speeds through ESR’s CryoBoost technology.

Ultimate All-In One Charging Experience

ESR 6-in-1 Charging station

The ESR 6-in-1 Charging Station can charge an iPhone, MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, and Magic Trackpad/Mouse. It offers separate magnetic wireless charging for iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch: a 15W MagSafe charging surface for an iPhone, a 5W MagSafe Apple Watch charger, and a dedicated spot for charging AirPods. Plus, two USB-C ports and a USB-A port for a MacBook, iPad, Apple Pencil, Magic Mouse, and more.

Lighting-Fast MagSafe Charging

ESR 6-in-1 Charging station


ESR’s charging station is officially MagSafe-certified for a more reliable and faster MagSafe charging that’s compatible with future OS updates. Refueling an Apple Watch with this device is as fast as the official Watch charger while the charging pad fully charges an iPhone 14 Pro over two times faster than the official MagSafe charger thanks to ESR’s “CryoBoost” cooling technology.  

CryoBoost Cools and Protects

ESR 6-in-1 Charging station


MagSafe charging may offer tap-and-go convenience, but its downside is the heat it creates, which can damage batteries, make phones hot to touch, and slow down charging speeds. ESR incorporated its CryoBoost fan and heat-dissipating components into the iPhone wireless charger to help cool your iPhone by up to 5.5 °F and dissipate heat from the charging unit itself during the charging process. This results in more touch-friendly turbocharging speeds and a healthier battery.  

Cutting-Edge GaN Tech

ESR 6-in-1 Charging station

Aside from the Made for MagSafe wireless chargers, the ESR 6-in-1 Charging Station is also equipped with cutting-edge Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology for charging efficiency. It delivers an impressive 100W of charging power to your MacBook and iPad via either of the two USB-C ports, instead of the 35W offered in standard MacBook chargers. ESR also integrated smart power distribution to automatically adjust power allocation among the other devices being charged, this way ensuring they maintain their respective maximum charging speeds.

User-Friendly and Intuitive Design

ESR 6-in-1 Charging station

The ESR 6-in-1 Charging Station has wireless chargers equipped with powerful magnets that securely snap and auto-align your devices in place. The magnets provide 750g of holding force for your iPhone, 100g for your Apple Watch, and 400g of holding force for your AirPods.

ESR 6-in-1 Charging station

The MagSafe iPhone charger is also positioned at the ideal height and angle to stream videos or do video calls in landscape mode while charging. Plus, the CryoBoost fan and charging status lights can be turned off with the press of a button for silent background operation.

Pricing & Availability

The ESR 6-in-1 Charging Station is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter until September 15. Get it for $154 for the Early Bird discount and $159 for the Kickstarter Special discount from its original retail price of $179.

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About ESR

Founded in 2009, with a user base of now over 100 million people worldwide, ESR is a leading brand of tech accessories. From cases that do more than protect, to wireless chargers that reimagine what’s possible with MagSafe, we’re on a mission to make tech easier to use.