New Frontier Tiny Homes out of Nashville, Tennessee, is dedicated to the idea that tiny homes can be as luxurious as a full-sized house. Case in point, their latest flagship model, the Escher.

Built onto a double-axle trailer, the Escher measures 24′ x 8.6′ for 240 square feet of floor space. The kitchen features a 33″ stainless steel apron sink, in-drawer dishwasher, and 5 burner induction stove. It sits on a raised platform that hides a slide-out storage area for a collapsible eight person dining table. The bathroom on the other end sports a full bathtub with shower, washing machine, and composting toilet. Above it, is the sleeping loft with a king-sized foam mattress.

Escher’s most standout feature is the 8′ x 8′ sliding glass door on one side and an 8′ x 9′ glass garage door on the other that covers the floor-hinged wall that folds out to create a deck with an awning, thus expanding the living area into the great outdoors both visually and physically.

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