Roller skating and inline skating were remarkably popular back in the day. With enough practice, people can pull off insane stunts or cool dance moves at the time. Despite the declining popularity over the years, the niche is not just about to die out. In fact, with a little innovation, enthusiasts can soon enjoy motorized madness with the ESCEND BLADES.

As of this writing, these are still in the crowdfunding phase, but already beyond their goal with just 16 days to go. This means these electric inline skates are likely to make it into production as long as there are no hitches along the way. Take note that these are designed for performance and versatility.

The ESCEND BLADES do not include a boot but offer a two-point mounting system instead. The manufacturer says this allows users to attach the footwear they’re most comfortable with. Furthermore, you can upcycle existing skates into electric-powered bad boys with minimal modifications.

Optional adapters make it compatible with UFS and Powerslide Trinity boots. Each unit is crafted out of aerospace-grade aluminum. The ESCEND BLADES’ housing is durable and resistant to corrosion, which makes it ideal to protect sensitive electronics and batteries.

The motorized skates pack two near-silent 400W motors paired to the rear wheels. A full charge is enough for up to nine miles of all-terrain fun. A backlit wireless remote ensures tangle-free operation and freedom of movement to keep your balance in check.

The press materials claim it will hit a top speed of 16 mph and climb 20-degree inclines with ease. Buyers can pair their ESCEND BLADES with custom Doop or Metro boots courtesy of Powerslide. Don’t forget to gear up for protection and pull off some sick tricks.

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Images courtesy of ESCEND