ESCAPE Traveler (65,400+) sets a new standard for luxury travel in the 21st century. Modern, inviting, comfortable, eco-friendly, economical; everything a home should be! This is an RV at heart – but also an energy-efficient getaway house.

Featuring a full-size kitchen and bathroom, large dining or work table, living area with fireplace and big screen TV, soaring windows, on-demand hot water and a washer/dryer – it sleeps up to 6 adults. Its ample storage, completely climate-controlled environment and minimal power consumption make this a economically sound decision, despite its high-end price. The ESCAPE Traveler is made in America’s heartland with both couples and families in mind, and is easy to pull and set up – even most standard pickups are able to transport this beauty! Constructed with “green”, high quality, re-purposed materials, the all-new handcrafted Traveler takes another leap forward in monumental luxury travel. via

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