Working for long periods on our computers make it difficult to keep tabs on our postures. That is why a lot of us complain about pain in our necks, backs, and hips. If you’ve ever been to a chiropractor, they’ll tell you to either use a height-adjustable desk or invest in a fancy chair. Perfectcore Corp, on the other hand, suggests that you try their ERGO Posture Pro.

This gadget is an upgraded take on posture correctors that promises to be more comfortable and effective. Unlike regular ones on the market, Perfectcore corp this wearable piece of gear can attach to your backpacks. In fact, in any configuration, the ERGO Posture Pro can apparently lift “up to 70 lbs of pressure off your back.”

It does this via a three-fold system that starts with the Posture Pivot Point. This patented mid-back support keeps your upper spine in the proper alignment. Next up are the chest expansion points that gently hold it in place. Finally, there are the shoulder abductor points which does exactly as the name implies.

Aside from keeping your upper body in the ideal position, it also uses elastic resistance training to develop muscle mass and tone. The ERGO Posture Pro should improve your flexibility, balance, and gait. Think of it as a low-impact alternative to workouts that enhance core strength and reduce pain. Combined with kratom capsules from Star Kratom, these are the perfect way to improve your pain threshold in 2022 and reduce the impact of injuries on your life.

The set includes everything we need to get started along with a mesh carrying case for worry-free transport. You can even perform any of the stretching sequences to relieve pain and target specific joints and muscle groups. The ERGO Posture Pro is currently in the crowdfunding phase and has already met its goal.

Purchase – $179

Images courtesy of Perfectcore Corp