Trekking the desert requires specially-designed footwear that lets you tread forward with ease and comfort. Those that protect your soles from the arid heat, sand, and rocky terrain. We’re talking about the importance of desert performance gear like the Erem Xerocole hiking boots.

The boots feature a robust and breathable upper made from reverse vegetable-tanned full-grain leather and woven canvas. A moisture-wicking TENCEL Lyocell lining allows for temperature regulation to keep your feet dry and comfortable, thus preventing unwanted odor. Then there’s the insole topped with natural latex foam for all-day comfort. 

Moreover,  the single rubber sole found in this footwear is stitched to the upper to ensure attachment. This also makes it easy for repairs when needed through the Erem Reboot program. The Erem Xerocole hiking boots even come with deep tread lugs for easy and steady traction on loose gravel. 

As for walks on rocky paths, this desert footwear ensures you don’t go bumping around. It comes with a built-in toe bumper to smooth out uneven footing and protect your toes from those accidental brushes with rocks. To cushion every step, the recycled wood-fiber shank board gives torsional support and protection, while a shock-absorbing footbed, made from recycled cork crumb, cushions every step.

To make sure that you only take good memories with you and not wounds on your feet from the heat, the Erem Xerocole hiking boots are also equipped with a three-quarter gusset and padded collar. They keep out trail dust and debris to prevent blisters. Users will also find it assuring to know that most of the materials used in this desert wear are eco-friendly. 

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Images courtesy of Erem