We all know that in order for a wristwatch model to be a valid candidate for Haute Horlogerie, it needs to fall into a certain price point category. If you perform an extensive research, most of these timepieces on the list feature a tourbillon. Experts consider, this intricate component as the badge of precision and quality. Most of the items that tout this mechanism demand outrageous costs of ownership. However, that might soon change with the ERA Prometheus Tourbillon Certified Millionaire watch.

If you want to own a wristwatch that comes with a tourbillon, you must be ready to part with a ridiculous amount of money. Nonetheless, this is why most horology experts coined the term millionaire-level timepieces. The tourbillon mechanism was invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet. Its purpose is to combat the effects of gravity on the moving parts of a watch. This tiny but significant addition to our timekeepers not only improved accuracy but also raised the item’s level of luxury.

With the ERA Prometheus Tourbillon Certified Millionaire watch, you have the opportunity to own a top-class product for just under $1,000. It sports a 44 mm stainless steel case that’s 12.72 mm thick with a sapphire crystal cover and case back. The exposes dial flaunts its HZ3350A Tourbillon movement and the stylish sun-moon dial and GMT 24 timer on each side. The lavish package arrives with a black Hornback style leather strap with midnight blue stitching. Moreover, it perfectly matches the blue hands of the watch.

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