Many of the electric motorcycles we have featured so far are designed for leisure use. Some may have some level of customizability, while others have modular systems. One designer is taking elements that people find useful in patrol motorcycles and integrating everything into a concept they’re calling the EQUULEUS. Instead of law enforcement, it is for forest rangers.

While the authorities are fighting bad guys on the streets, the guys in forestry green uniforms also have an important task to fulfil. They are responsible for keeping our parklands and nature in general safe. As such, they will need a mobility platform that’s eco-friendly for the environment they operate in.

The EQUULEUS incorporates all the favorable characteristics that make regular patrol bikes ideal for forest rangers. Superior handling, exceptional power-to-weight ratio, and more storage spaces for tools or survival equipment. Some paths or rails are not accessible even by off-road vehicles. this two-wheeler, on the other hand, can practically go anywhere.

Ethan Hsu gives the green moto a sleek futuristic form factor with aggressive aerodynamics. It almost looks like a sports bike, but it serves a different specific purpose. Since there is no engine to speak of, the space holds storage modules instead. In total, the EQUULEUS can accommodate up to five and these are in strategic arrangements to not compromise stability.

There are two that attach to the swingarm, another two on the sides of the body, and one that slides into the tank. Storage capacities range from 30 liters to 40 liters. This allows forest rangers to carry emergency supplies, rescue tools, and more. The EQUULEUS features a digital dashboard for telemetry and navigation. Too bad that it’s just a concept for now.

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Images courtesy of Ethan Hsu