Do you own a bicycle? If so, where do you normally park your ride? Normally, people would place it inside their garage if there was one or just leave it out on the carport if the neighborhood is not prone to theft. Just like cars, your two-wheeler will benefit from a versatile storage cover like the Envelope Midi.

These days, bikes, or e-bikes for that matter boast lightweight frames and rims. Sure, the addition of batteries and electric motors do add some heft, but most remain manageable enough to carry indoors. However, if you need to leave it in anywhere exposed to the elements, it will eventually get damaged.

Dents and scratches can come from accidental impacts. Rain and direct sunlight can cause some of the materials to degrade faster. This is why cyclists need to have the Envelope Midi within reach. Think of it as something like a pop-up tent which can quickly deploy via the tension of the poles embedded within the fabric.

In the case of the Envelope Midi, the company uses 200D ripstop polyester fabric, which is also 100% recycled. It is rated at 1,500 mm waterproof and coated with 30-40 UPF UV protection. The carry case becomes the cover for the handlebars of your bike, while the other shields the frame and the rear wheel.

A flap on the side allows you to secure the bike with your preferred lock. Since the wheels are still in contact with the ground, you can easily move them around to find the ideal spot. To safely store up to two bikes, there is the Envelope Maxi variant as well.

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Images courtesy of Envelope