The breeze can be a challenge when you have a beach towel that does not want to cooperate and settle itself on the sand. You’d have to find ways so it doesn’t get blown away either by holding it down with stones or using whatever beach essentials you have on hand. In this case, it can be time consuming and a hassle.  The QuickLay Beach Towel solves this problem for you with its quick set-up and pack-up design. Not to mention, it is also windproof and sand proof. 

This towel easily becomes your new sidekick thanks to its durable, high-quality and user-friendly construction. It sets up literally in seconds with a simple toss and it opens flat in a flash. It has a foldable Polypropylene frame that keeps it sturdy and gives it its weight so it doesn’t fly off with the wind and stays spread out on the sand or ground. 

Meanwhile, a quick twist and fold are also all it takes to pack it up into its compact size that fits inside its dedicated carrying bag. The bag comes with a large pocket to store on-the-go essentials or your phone. Other than being windproof and extremely fast in its set up and pack up, this towel is also sand-resistant and dries up fast.  

The QuickLay Beach Towel is made from quick-dry microfiber material that’s super lightweight, breathable, and soft on the skin. Forget wrapping yourself in a damp, gritty towel and bask in the gentle hug it gives as it dries up in a snap. When it’s time to wash the fabric, simply unclasp the stainless steel, corrosion-free snaps and remove it from its frame. The QuickLay Beach Towel is very versatile you can use it for picnics, stargazing, camping, exercising, and other outdoor adventures. 

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Images courtesy of QuickLay