Life in highly urbanized areas certainly has its perks. You have access to all the essentials along with plenty of recreational activities to consider. However, a notable downside is the heavy traffic during peak hours of the day. Even when you want to head out of the city for some outdoor fun, congested streets can become a bummer. As such, sustainable mobility solutions like e-bikes are now the preferred platforms for many commuters. If you plan to get one anytime soon, we can recommend the ENGINE X by Engwe.

With a highly competitive market brimming with options, it’s difficult for average consumers to shop for a ride that meets their needs. We’ve regularly featured e-bikes given the overwhelming popularity of cycling, and hope that one of these has all the bells and whistles you want in a two-wheeler. It’s awesome of Engwe to ship over a sample for us to try out and many of us have taken turns using it as a daily driver.

So far, the ENGINE X has performed admirably during our trips to the office and back. Over the weekend, we took this bad boy away from our comfort zone and out into the trails for some rough play. Our take on this model is a combination of similar experiences many of us had when this was in our care. It’s safe to say that it has been mostly positive.

Unboxing this alone is by no means difficult, but another pair of hands makes the process easier and quicker. Great care was taken to ensure parts susceptible to damage during shipping were wrapped in foam. As long as the logistics company was equally careful with the package expect your ENGINE X to arrive in pristine condition. 

Meanwhile, although this is practically a turnkey affair, there is some assembly required before you can take it for a spin. Thankfully, the included instructions are easy to follow. Even those new to e-bikes of this type shouldn’t have any problems. Honestly, a little hands-on time like this helps owners figure out the ins and outs of their new green transport.

Before we move on, we almost forgot to mention that this is the folding kind. A huge advantage a foldable frame has over a fixed frame is the modest space it takes up during storage. The ENGINE X is perfect for residences with limited parking spots. Engwe says it can accommodate riders as short as 5.4 feet and as tall as 6.2 feet, with a maximum payload capacity of 330 lbs.

The frame and other components are fabricated out of 6061 aluminum to keep the weight down without compromise to durability. It’s available in three colorways: White, Red, and Black. Described as a “full suspension fat tire electric folding bike,” look forward to reliable traversal over almost every type of terrain. Our tests were far from comprehensive, but it was nothing but smooth sailing on and off the road.

Each ENGINE X is outfitted with six twin-spoke rims shod in chunky tires for optimal traction on any surface. Stopping power comes from the 160 mm mechanical disc brake system. A removable 48V 13 Ah lithium-ion battery supplies the 250w brushless motors with enough power to generate up to 41 lb-ft of torque. Top speed is electronically limited to 15 mph but can be unlocked. Rounding everything out is a seven-gear Shimano unit.

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