Let’s just say you are one hardcore gearhead. Almost everything that makes you happy is in one way or the other related to cars or motorsports. Aside from the actual vehicles, perhaps a home with automotive themes, a garage with tools to handle any task related to your rides, and maybe a bar stocked with booze like this ENGINE.

This is some clever wordplay to appeal to its target crowd. The ENGINE as you can probably pick out from the name is a London dry gin. It even ships inside a container that looks straight out of a machine shop. Yes, the packaging’s material, shape, and label can easily pass off for a motor oil can.

In fact, we wouldn’t keep it near the actual ones, because somebody might grab it by mistake. This spirit originates in the northwest Alta Langa region in Italy. Also, the ingredients that are combined to produce this alcoholic drink are 100% organic and sourced locally. 

The product page lists Alta Langa sage, Amalfi coast lemons, Calabria licorice, Damask rose, and essential oils as the botanicals. Then we have spring water, wheat alcohol and juniper berries. The traditional formula to craft this gin was considered a digestive remedy in the past. Each ENGINE comes in a 500 ml can at 42%/vol.

“Born from an idea of Paolo Dalla Mora, entrepreneur in the fashion and spirits sectors,” says the distillery. The can is light blue at the bottom with an emblem of an engine within a shield. Above that is the text that reads “Pure organic Gin.” The white top shows a red stripe and the ENGINE branding in red and white.

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Images courtesy of ENGINE