We know most of you are hitting the beach this summer. Meanwhile, there are some that prefer to go on wild adventures in places wherein the path presents a challenge for regular vehicles. Perhaps the idea of overcoming these natural obstacles is part of the appeal. Thankfully, platforms like the SuperTourer from Enduro Campers are available to take you to these remote spots.

Although camping generally requires outdoor enthusiasts to rough it out, RVs are more appealing because of the creature comforts they offer. This means you can enjoy everything awesome nature has to offer sans exposure to the elements, wildlife, and bugs. All you need is an overlanding-ready truck and the company will take care of the conversion.

There are plenty of makes and models that are rugged enough to handle whatever gets in their way. Therefore, all you need to think about is how to personalize your SuperTourer camper. Weight matters, which is why they use composite sandwich panels instead of molded fiberglass and metal. This makes it durable and should not affect the overall performance of the motorhome.

“Far lighter with superior structural integrity, weight capacity, impact resistance and thermal performance – the ultimate camper construction method,” notes the Enduro Campers. “Direct frame mount for minimum weight and maximum off-road capabilities.” There are plenty of storage compartments to haul all your gear and supplies for lengthy expeditions.

Among the features listed, the SuperTourer boasts an Isotherm 130-liter refrigerator, an induction cooktop, up to 600 Ah lithium batteries, a 230W solar panel setup, a 26-gallon water tank, an outdoor shower, and plenty of other options to make your camping experience memorable. Get in touch with Enduro Campers to build your ideal layout now.

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Images courtesy of Enduro Campers