For those avidly pursuing cycling as their ideal activity for staying fit, there are gadgets for improving performance at home. Mother Nature can be fickle, which is why some enthusiasts go for machines that can emulate the action indoors. One such item is the Elite Rizer, which lets you tackle those pesky inclines. Keep at it and you’ll eventually lead the pack when the time comes.

The Italian outfit has been catering to the needs of hardcore cyclists who want to push themselves to the absolute limit. Just as world-class athletes train whenever they can, the Rizer is an awesome platform to help you do so as well.

If you want to boost your endurance and strength with the help of cutting-edge technology, this is it. Like most stationary cycling systems, you mount the rear wheel to any of Elite’s interactive trainers. These include the Direto XR/Direto XR-T, Suito/Suito T, and Tuo. Meanwhile, the fork attaches to the Rizer.

The manufacturer says it is compatible with “all commercially available bicycles” and includes an adapter for those with a 15-mm thru-axle. For superior stability and durability, the structure uses a combination of steel with aluminum alloy.

Instead of relying purely on electromagnetic resistance, the gradient simulator is taking it further. It creates a realistic experience as the motorized unit inclines up to 20% and as low as -10%. Moreover, the steering functionality lets you move the handlebars as you would in an actual climb.

Elite likewise ensures that it is compatible with a wide range of cycling apps. For the most dynamic workout, the company recommends the Rizer companion app to get the most out of its features. With this in your home or gym, hop on and say goodbye to excuses.

Buy – $1,099

Images courtesy of Elite