The Element5 SkyFloat is no ordinary hammock chair. It is foldable and packs light, weighing just two pounds, and comes with a stuff sack for convenience in travel.

It is made of high-quality material that has a carrying capacity of 400 pounds and can withstand any adventure in the outdoors. You can prop it up on a boat or hang it from a tree. You can also use it as a lounge chair at home or in the office.

This hammock chair sets up in seconds so you have instant access to rest and relaxation anytime and anywhere. The unique shape of its seat shell is designed to support overall body posture. It is made of breathable nylon fabric that stretches to adapt to your position, whether you are lying down or sitting. Likewise, it provides comfortable head and back support without fatigue.

Moreover, this product uses a cloth that is fast-drying and does not seep in moisture. This helps the hammock remain warm on your skin even when you are sweating.

The Element5 SkyFloat comes as a kit upon order and takes about five minutes to assemble its anodized aluminum parts. After the assembly, the components are permanently joined, so you don’t have to worry about lost parts or time-consuming setups.

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Photos Courtesy Of Element5