Father’s Day is fast approaching, and you might want to surprise your old man with a thoughtful gesture. We guys are normally not all about celebrating events or holidays like this, but we do know how to appreciate meaningful gestures. So, for dads who want suggestions on what to give or receive, check out this cool offer from Ekster.

So far, everything in this package should please even the gruffiest of souls. Plus, Ekster’s Father’s Day Bundle ships with items many will find handy. Choose from two color options under the aluminum or leather series. The former should appeal to the modern family man, while the latter is for the classy gentleman.

Aside from the price, the only differences between the two Father’s Day Bundle variants are the materials used for the cardholders. Functionality-wise, on the other hand, both come with a tracker card and key tracker with Chipolo technology.

Pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth and use the companion app to track your wallet and keys. The tracker card charges via photovoltaic cells, while the key tracker uses a coin battery. These will last anywhere between 2 to 3 months and 4 months respectively. You can even ring your phone or use them as a camera remote.

Next up is a stainless-steel tool card with a bottle opener, box opener, flathead screwdriver, wrenches, ruler, and a nesting SIM card pin. Since cash is still king, a money clip should hold your bills securely. Finally, Eskter even throws in a premium gift bag for the Father’s Day Bundle. This great deal won’t last long as only 500 units are up for grabs.

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Images courtesy of Ekster