With the EK-MLC Phoenix Modular Liquid Cooling Products, you can customize and build your own liquid cooling system, which is all the rage these days. We won’t get into the nitty-gritty of how exactly that system works, but all you need to know is that it’s an extremely complex technology that makes your computer handle temperature and distribute heat more efficiently.

The EK-MLC Phoenix kit features a modular design and is comprised of pre-filled liquid cooling products designed to satisfy all your liquid cooling needs. If need be, you can even add multiple pre-filled blocks in whatever order you prefer,. That should provide you with very flexible customization options.

The modular design also supports Quick Disconnect Couplings. This helps you connect and expand the loop, for starters. But this also lets you choose exactly which components should be part of the whole liquid cooling system.

You can also integrate the GPU cooling module and CPU cooling module in any order you like. You can arrange them, either individually or together, next to the radiator core module, which is mandatory.

Installing the pre-filled products are fairly easy, too. Anyway, you must know something about computers already if you’re at this point. Especially when you’re tinkering with liquid cooling systems. As such, installation shouldn’t be a sweat. Plus, the components are maintenance-free, so you won’t have any potential headaches down the line.

Each EK-MLC Phoenix Modular Liquid Cooling Products kit contains three core modular units, CPU cooling module, radiator core module, and a GPU cooling module. You can get it from the EK webshop for $70.