I was deep in the Cambodian jungle once and saw the locals frying and eating tarantulas. Of course, I am joking, I have never been to Cambodia, but I did see it on TV, and we have all seen bugs being eaten worldwide as delicacies.

I am the sort who will try anything once, so even bugs are on the menu as far as I am concerned. You can now bring out the true carnivore locked inside thanks to the Edible Bugs ($40) range that puts little edible bugs in small cans; think a tuna can but replace the fish with cockroaches. The bugs have been flavored to taste like traditional snacks, so the only hurdle is your prejudice, so man up and tuck in.

Edible Bugs come in bacon & cheese grasshoppers, BBQ bamboo worms, sour cream & onion dung beetles, nori seaweed armor tail scorpions, wasabi house crickets, and giant waterbug chili paste.