Have any of you tried to live off-grid? It can be in a humble cabin in the middle of nowhere or aboard an RV/camper. These days, people need access to electricity to remain connected. Digital nomads use it for work, while others just want to enjoy some creature comforts. The Power Kits from EcoFlow are your best bet.

Unless your remote residence or motorhome is the sustainable kind, chances are you will need help from professionals to retrofit these accordingly. EcoFlow, on the other hand, claims that those with a basic idea of how it works and can follow instructions should be able to handle the installation.

Since 2017, the company has been supplying us with portable power stations and more. The Power Kits are for folks who want a high-capacity solution for more than just charging their devices. This modular system allows them to operate medical devices, lighting, cooking equipment, and more.

You start off with the EcoFlow Power Hub. This is where you can connect the other components to form your ideal setup. Depending on the requirements of your home or RV, owners can pair it with a single 2 kWh or 5 kWh battery unit.

The highest it can handle is 15 kWh, which hooks up three 5 kWh batteries. EcoFlow says this combination will last anywhere between 14 to 18 hours based on usage patterns. Don’t forget to take advantage of free energy from the sun via the optional solar panels.

EcoFlow’s photovoltaic technology can provide up to 4,800W to fully charge the 15 kWh batteries in about three hours. To make recharging convenient, the EcoFlow Power Kits are compatible with standard generators, alternators, wall outlets and more.

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Images courtesy of EcoFlow