Prolonged exposure to everything within a bustling metropolis can eventually lead to burnout. Therefore, don’t forget to take a break every now and then to unwind or seek new adventures. If you seek a unique escape from the concrete jungle and reconnect with Mother Nature, book a stay at the Eco Resort in Valdosende.

A substantial dose of vitamin D while surrounded by an organic landscape of trees and plants may just be what we need to recharge. If you agree and want to experience what this establishment offers, the journey takes us to Valdosende, Terras de Bouro, in Portugal. This sublime structure is the work of Guilherme Machado Vaz.

Built on a slope, the Eco Resort in Valdosende is located close to the Peneda-Gerês National Park. The site is dotted with oak and chestnut trees alongside granite formations, which have been carefully kept intact so as not to disturb the local ecosystem. The structure was built out of glass, wood, steel, and stones quarried from the area.

Guests are housed in rooms with unobstructed views courtesy of the full-height glazing that lines its walls. The building itself is nestled among trees and blends perfectly with its surroundings. So far, the scenery promises to be serene as only ambient sounds of indigenous birds and other animals can be heard.

The top floor is where you’ll find the social spaces, a restaurant, and a lounge. Its terraces position you at the level of the treetops. The next two floors are designated for accommodations, while the spa is found on the ground floor. Water used for the latter is sourced from a nearby spring. The Eco Resort in Valdosende also overlooks the Caniçada reservoir

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Images courtesy of Okdraw Studio