For those of who think it’s time to get a tech upgrade that would be useful amid the pandemic, Amazon might have something you’ll want. Smart speakers are now becoming ubiquitous platforms for information, communication, and entertainment. However, the latter actually applies to models with an integrated display. Thankfully, it is what the 2020 Echo Show 10 brings to the table. Among the products the online retail giant was promoting this week, this seems to be the one that was grabbing attention everywhere.

As more folks adjust to the new normal wherein our homes now practically double as an office, Amazon hopes to help make things more convenient. The problem with videoconferencing is that most cameras are stationary. As such, it forces us to stay put in one area. Those who love to move about while talking will find this challenging, which Amazon seems to understand,

Therefore, it’s equipping the 2020 Echo Show 10 with a motorized base that lets the display swivel around. Moreover, it will follow users automatically to keep the screen in view. This keeps you within the frame during a video call, which already sounds like its every penny of its $249 price tag. The 10.1-inch HD touchscreen features a front-facing 13-megapixel camera.

According to Amazon, the 2020 Echo Show 10 uses cutting-edge sensor technology to locate and track the user. It can even double as a smart-enabled security camera while you are away. Pair it with the versatility of Alexa and you have a winner right here. To protect your privacy, the manufacturer even includes a manual mic/camera (on/off) button in addition to a manual shutter to cover the sensor.

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Images courtesy of Amazon