Designer Simon Busse designed the Echo Desk Lamp for Caussa not only to be fully functional. But also to stand out on your desk or living space. It’s cleverly designed according to your lighting needs and offers easy controls.

The first of the Echo series, this modular lamp features a rotating head with a stand that looks like a tuning fork. The head is adjustable, so you can angle it toward where you need the most illumination. The head looks like a magnifying glass with a handle that slides up and down the stand or the rail. This way, you can adjust the lamp according to your lighting needs.

The Echo Desk Lamp boasts a sleek and modern design that is devoid of any switch. There is no light switch on the body or cable, thus doing away with the tedious task of finding the switch in the dark. Instead, this lantern uses hand gestures for controls.

The head has motion sensors that detect gestures according to certain functions. A simple hand movement turns the lamp on or off and adjusts its brightness or can be dimmed. Aside from the smart controls, the Echo Desk Lamp “represents precision engineering made in Germany” and uses only the latest technology and the finest materials,” according to Caussa.

It is machined from powder-coated aluminum in four matte colors. These include red, black, white, and blue. Meanwhile, the shade is made from acrylic glass for soft and uniform light.

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Images courtesy of Simon Busse Studio