Swedish startup company Easy Bike has taken a different path in evolving with the growing popularity of electric bicycles. Rather than make their own bike, they have developed a conversion kit motor that can be put on nearly any bicycle in existence.

Comprising a motor, battery, and pedal sensor, most of the parts in the Easy Bike Motor are made of lightweight, durable aluminum. The kit is waterproof, will add less than 5 pounds to the curb weight of your bike, and can be installed in a couple of minutes. The pedal assist motor automatically cuts in at 3 mph and, by friction contact with the rear tire, it helps the bike along.

Because of different regulations concerning electric bicycles, there are two motor options. The US Easy Bike Motor is a 350-watt powerhouse that can achieve 20 mph, while the European motor is a smaller 250 watts with a 16 mph top speed. Both will provide about an 80-mile range per charge which takes about 3 hours.

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