Every guy needs to own a cooler. It’s handy to have when you and your buddies want to keep your beverages at the ideal serving temperature. Shopping for one is easy enough with so many brands and models available. If the traditional ice chest design seems outdated, East Oak came up with a stylish form factor with the Rotomolded Hard Cooler.

They’re offering it in two sizes: 25 quarts and 45 quarts. As for the colors, we only saw Navy Blue and Ivory White listed by the manufacturer. Grab the darker shade if you don’t want people to easily notice the scuffs and dents over time. Nonetheless, the lighter SKU is equally attractive with its contrasting elements in gray.

East Oak uses linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) for the construction of the Rotomolded Hard Cooler for a reason. The material’s durable properties coupled with the distinct shape of the body from the rotational molding process allow it to support up to 400 lbs. 

Its remarkable toughness equates to versatility as you can turn it into a step stool or table top. The lid is secured by two latches and is detachable for easy access to the contents of your Rotomolded Hard Cooler. Ergonomic handles with soft ropes adapt to your grip during transport.

Three inches of insulation line the inner walls and a silicone sealing ring provides outstanding temperature control. It can purportedly keep items inside cold for more than four days, while the innovative diversion grooves separate water from the ice to extend cooling performance.

A leakproof drain plug with an anti-drop system means you won’t accidentally lose this crucial component. The 25-quart variant of the Rotomolded Hard Cooler measures 21.24″ x 21.24″ x 14.81″ (L x W x H), while the 45-quart option has its dimensions listed as 25.16″ x 25.16″ x 16.48″ (L x W x H). The former can hold up to 20 cans, while the latter accommodates up to 30 cans.

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Images courtesy of East Oak