Maintaining so much of the original specifications that terms like ‘old school’ and ‘throwback’ are all over its description, East Coast Defender has once again shown their skill with a newly completed ‘Heritage’ build. Project Ironhorse ($Inquire) includes the same 4.6L Land Rover V8 engine as the original Defenders, it’s matched to a 4-speed ZF automatic transmission and features stainless steel fuel & brake lines, and a Borla exhaust.

While the white body with matte black roof & full LED spot-lamp rack along with the classic ROW dashboard speak of the origins of the Defender, there are still plenty of modern luxuries inside to please the more technically minded. Project Ironhorse has a Kenwood touchscreen infotainment center, backup camera, GPS Apple CarPlay, Wi-Fi, wireless charging, and a Ravelco security system with remote locking. Other details include heated black leather seats with diamond stitching, factory tinted Masai windows, and an NRG Innovations woodgrain steering wheel.

Project Ironhorse shows just how much improvement can be made without radically changing the original Defender motif.