Take a journey into the deepest part of the forest or on rocky terrain with the EarthCruiser Terranova. This is an all-in-one escape pod that guarantees shelter even in the most extreme of climates.

It boasts foam core fiberglass construction for unparalleled all-weather and all four-seasons protection that keeps the heat in or out. The combination of fiberglass and high-density plastic materials makes it durable and easy to clean. Its chassis relies on a proprietary kinetic mount system and has a foam insulated raising-roof. Its multi-layer curtain boasts eight windows for 360-degree panoramic views while keeping insects out and privacy secured through privacy screens and clear vinyl protective layers.

Designed to keep you comfortable regardless of the weather, the EarthCruiser Terranova features an interior space maximized for comfort and usability. It can accommodate four with two beds one found above the cab roof and the other a convertible dinette-bed combination. Like its other models, the EarthCruiser EXP and FX, the interior comes with the needed essentials to make outdoor living homey.

There is electricity, plumbing, mechanical systems, exterior hot and cold water, and an exterior purified drinking water faucet. Moreover, it comes with 108 Watt Sunflare solar panels and a built-in solar controller and monitoring system. Of course, as with other camper vans, storage space is important. 

As such, the EarthCruiser Terranova offers both from the inside and outside, including cooktop and sink-top storage. There are even under-bed storage cubbies and a kitchen pantry. What makes this offroad vehicle great is that it is customizable so you can modify tire choice and suspension for the best personalized serviceable domestic chassis.  

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Images courtesy of Earthcruiser