Mexico-based startup Earth Traveler brings us this ultra-chic teardrop-style trailer, which you will never guess features a chicken feather construction.

That’s right — this trailer’s skeletal archway consists of lightweight feather composite that aims to put minimal stress on your engine. And you wallet, for that matter. So it’s cheating a bit on the range-topper variant, which features carbon fiber. But this version above is made from chicken feathers, a material that’s literally featherweight.

At setup, there are full-length gull-wing panels that rise up, which makes for a spacious standing room and a cozy interior fully integrated into the enveloping outdoors. Founder Angel Irlanda wanted his whole family to sleep inside the trailer, which left the aluminum two-person teardrop setup out of the question. As a result, he sought to channel his inner artist and reimagined the teardrop as a larger, more open dwelling. The first prototype came from simple, accessible materials like wood and fiberglass.

He’s planning to release two teardrop models. The first one, as mentioned, is a range-topper that’s fully carbon fiber. With an estimated weight of just 216 pounds, it will mark one of the lightest trailers for a family of four to date. But the kicker here, obviously, is the chicken feathers model, the T300. It’s much more affordable and boasts a strength close to that of carbon fiber when set in resin, according to Irlanda. Best of all, it’s far cheaper than other composites, bringing the estimated retail price of this model to just $10,000.


Photos courtesy of Earth Traveler