Trailers do not necessarily have to be small, cramped, and lacking in essentials that make outdoor living comfortable. They can have a full kitchen and a bed too, just like the Droplet Teardrop trailer.

This makeshift shelter fits a queen-size bed in a bright and airy wood laminated interior fitted with windows on the front and both sides. A ceiling yachting latch even lets in more air and sunlight, while the tints on the windows maintain privacy.

This trailer also has enough storage spaces to keep electronic devices, clothes, and more. There are two cabinets and a couple of shelves at the foot of the bed. Meanwhile, pullout drawers accessible in the makeshift kitchen can store cooking and eating utensils.

Just like traditional campers, the back opens to reveal the cooking space, which is equipped with an acrylic countertop with LED lamps, a two-burner propane cooking stove, a 12-volt slide-out fridge, and a hand-pump-operated water system.

This droplet trailer uses aluminum composite and wood fiber frame for its exterior. It is compact enough at 6.6. feet wide, 5.5 feet high, and 13.5 feet long. A car with a towing capacity of 1, 100 pounds like the Honda Civic can easily tow this trailer at its weight of 950 pounds.

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Photos Courtesy of Droplet