Cyberpunk 2077 tanked so hard that it completely marred CD PROJEKT RED’s lofty reputation when it comes to AAA games. Nevertheless, its aggressive market campaign left a lasting impression that influences design even today. As always, we see this a lot on vehicle concepts just like this stunning E.V.E Camaro by Khyzyl Saleem.

Unlike Ford, which already gave its Mustang lineup an electric, albeit crossover option, Chevrolet does not seem ready to answer back with an emission-free take on their flagship pony car. Until that happens, the digital artist takes matters into his own hands.

Respecting the carmaker’s decision, he’s keeping the combustion engine on this retrofuturistic ride. These days, most concepts we see usually tout electric powertrains. This is likely in a bid to conform to the automotive industry’s gradual shift to sustainable platforms.

The E.V.E Camaro, in the meantime, still packs a traditional setup. It appears the donor car here is a 1969 model based on the silhouette. Moreover, its stance hints at the inclusion of a wide body kit. The exterior flaunts a coat of gunmetal to give it an almost blackout colorway.

As we make our way to the hood, there is a cross-shaped frame with triangular cutouts. Glass panels offer a peek inside of its massive engine. The styling of its body mixes sharp edges with aerodynamic curves in the right places. Everything about the E.V.E Camaro screams speed and power.

Instead of regular lighting systems, Saleem endows the concept with LED strips for the front and back. There’s an air scoop that bisects the fins on the rear windshield. The E.V.E Camaro is may be missing a huge chunk of the rear undercarriage but still looks badass, nonetheless.

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E.V.E Camarao Front E.V.E Camarao side E.V.E Camarao rear E.V.E Camarao top hood E.V.E Camarao headlights E.V.E Camarao wheel

Images courtesy of Khyzyl Saleem