Since electrification has already made its way into almost every conceivable mobility platform, it’s time we check out some of the quirky ones. In our search for the ones that people might consider odd yet are still somewhat cool in some aspects, the E-Trike Revolution stands out. This tadpole three-wheeler sure packs some personality.

Let’s start off with its design, as the combination of round retro elements with sharp clean edges and minor geometric sections endow it with a retrofuturistic appeal. The default chromatic configuration shows the use of silver and black with exposed rivets on the bodywork.

This channels a classic aviation and motoring theme, which somehow fits the E-Trike Revolution. Dress it up in tonal brown and add analog gauges with some decorative pipes and you have a steampunk trim. That’s just our take, but let’s discuss what André Fangueiro has in mind for this green commuter concept.

The designer is going for a sleek aerodynamic outline and agile handling. To help you take corners the E-Trike Revolution can tilt accordingly as you turn. Furthermore, its suspension system should also adapt to the dynamic shifts in terrain and forces. The riser bars and spoked wheels should give it a traditional bike-like feel.

Fangueiro intends to use sustainable materials and next-generation direct drive technology to deliver instantaneous torque. The nose holds a pill-shaped LED with turn signals and additional lighting on tubes that extend to the sides. Two winglets protrude on the sides of the body and feature an LED light strip on the edges. The saddle placement implies an aggressive riding position aboard the E-Trike Evolution.

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Images courtesy of André Fangueiro/Studio Lata