The E-Fusion is “the only charger you’ll ever need.” It provides wireless and cable charging and functions as a portable power bank.

This multipurpose charger lets you power up to five devices at a time when in wall charger mode. It comes with a changeable plug adapter that is compatible for use globally. The four adapters included work in 150 countries around Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.

The E-Fusion provides wireless charging for convenience with 50 percent power in power bank mode. It’s unlike traditional power banks that only provide 25 percent power. It charges Android devices four times faster and doubles the standard speed for Apple products.

This versatile device also does not run the risk of overheating or exploding. Its enclosure is fire-resistant and equipped with a voltage and short-circuit protection. It automatically shuts off when overcurrent is detected and output is stopped when there is overvoltage. Likewise, its electromagnetic field protection ensures smooth charging without external interference.

The E-Fusion charger is ideal to bring anywhere because it is lightweight at just 200 grams. It fully recharges in an hour using its type-C dual way charging port or through its USB quick charge port.

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Photos Courtesy of EGO INNOVATION LTD