Dyson is a brand known for overengineering household appliances ranging from vacuum cleaners, bladeless fans, hand dryers, hair dryers, air purifiers, and more. However, the company is not one to shy away from avant-garde creations. What started out as a concept in early 2022 is now a commercial product. This is the Zone, and it’s geared toward the modern listener.

At the height of the pandemic, manufacturers understood the need for protective gear. Aside from following a stringent handwashing regimen, health experts still encourage the use of face masks while out in public. Therefore, the British group ultimately turned their prototype into an accessory that you can own for $1,000.

The pricing may seem steep, but it’s a premium many are willing to pay if they want a futuristic option to keep pathogens at bay. Dyson offers the innovative device in two colorways: Ultra Blue/Prussian Blue and Prussian Blue/Bright Copper. At its core, the Zone is a pair of over-ear headphones with a sleek modern design.

It’s packing custom 40 mm 16-ohm neodymium speaker drivers in each cup to deliver a remarkable acoustic range during playback. Moreover, cushions wrapped in Micro-suede feel comfortable even during long listening sessions. The Zone also packs eight microphones for its cutting-edge noise-cancelling function.

As for its unique capabilities, Dyson includes a detachable contact-free visor that directs purified air to your nose and mouth. It uses a two-stage filtration system comprised of an electrostatic filter and an activated carbon filter to remove fumes and particles. The Zone can operate for up to 50 hours on a single charge in audio playback mode with ANC or up to four hours with the purification attachment.

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Images courtesy of Dyson