Pets are great to have when you want that extra companionship at home. Although there’s a broad range of animals that qualify as one depending on an individual’s personal tastes, the most common ones are dogs and cats. As owners, it’s our duty to keep them clean, which is why Dyson offers a Pet Grooming Kit.

Depending on the season and breed of your furry pals, they may shed their fur occasionally or regularly. Sweeping and wiping the floor or furniture may not be enough. Robot vacuum cleaners are convenient options for your home’s regular upkeep, but these have limitations.

Hence, your best bet is to stick with a handheld machine. If by any chance you own any of Dyson’s newer cordless models, this Pet Grooming Kit is an essential accessory. The manufacturer specifically notes that it’s ideal for medium- to long-haired pets.

Dyson points out that the Pet Grooming Kit is supported by a wide range of its products. The compatibility list includes the V15 Detect, V12, V12 Detect Slim, Cyclone V10, Outsize, V8, Digital Slim, and V7. If you’ve ever tried to blow dry your pet after a bath, the noise can be jarring for them.

Hence, it’s time to make it a less stressful experience with these attachments. So as not to inhibit your range of movement, Dyson ships it with an extension hose. This gives you more than 3 feet of flexibility to reach every inch of your pet’s body.

The product page states it is “acoustically engineered to make grooming more peaceful for your pet.” The head features 364 flexible slicker bristles at a 35-degree angle to grab loose hairs. This Pet Grooming Kit is a wonderful add-on to your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

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Images courtesy of Dyson