The way that Dyson keeps levels up the game each time they announce a new product, shows just how far it is ahead of its rivals. Although the premium household appliances manufacturer has already branched out to other segments, it remains beyond the reach of others when it comes to a specific type of cleaning equipment. Consumers should check out its latest – the Omni-Glide.

While most modern households are likely to own one or more robot vacuums, these gadgets still have limitations. Depending on the height clearance of some models, it is impossible for these machines to cover every surface. This calls for a follow-up with the aid of a regular vacuum cleaner.

If you prefer to keep your home dust-free the traditional way, then consider the Omni-Glide as your tool of choice. One long-running issue with your average vacuum cleaner is the range of motion for the head. Dyson equips it with two motorized soft rollers.

These help direct even the smallest particles toward the powerful suction created by the Hyperdymium motor. Its slim profile and the exceptional articulation of its cleaning head allows you to reach tight spaces like under the furniture. Also, its cordless nature means no wires dragging behind or tangling during use.

Dyson knows that cleaning your living space requires a lot of effort. Therefore, the Omni-Glide is virtually effortless to maintain. No need to manually reach in and empty the bag as the hygienic ejection system expels the contents into the trash can.

Some of its parts such as the filter, bin, soft roller cleaner head, and other non-electronic components can be washed with water. This helps remove any dust buildup to ensure optimal operation. After cleanup, just attach the Omni-Glide to its charging dock.

Buy – $399.99

Images courtesy of Dyson