Dyson has been manufacturing some of the best vacuum cleaners over the years. The brand has been gradually branching out into different segments. We now have bladeless fans, hair dryers, air purifiers, and so much more. Meanwhile, one designer presents a cool concept of what a motorcycle from the company might look like. The detailed renders show us a futuristic design that borrows some elements from its most popular products.

A few years back, the company stunned the automotive industry when it announced plans to develop an electric car. Unfortunately, this was eventually scrapped due to it being not commercially viable. Concept designer Rashid Tagirov shows us how Dyson’s engineers might approach a build. There was no mention of what type of powertrain it might have.

However, judging by its form factor and the arrangement of its components, its likely an emission-free model. We like how the Dyson concept motorcycle showcases unique form factor stylishly. A material that is translucent yet robust enough to remain functional in this kind of configuration is currently unavailable. The handlebars are fixed to the structure that frames the transparent HUD.

We’re guessing that it also comes with an advanced suspension system that gives it a smoother ride. The front and back wheels appear to be a hubless type of configuration. The front shows a circular LED ring as the headlight. It’s currently not clear where the brake light is or how it will compensate for its absence. What’s awesome about concept motorcycles such as this is that there are no limitations in digital space. Plus, it can possibly inspire others to maybe make an actual working model.

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Images courtesy of Rashid Tagirov