Not long ago, we shared a cool product that was sure to entice The Lord of The Rings fans to upgrade on such short notice. After showing off the sinister design of the RingWraith version, Drop is offering an alternative for those on the side of good. This is the Dwarvish variant, and its craftsmanship is something they would be proud of.

This SKU is once again cosmetically curated to feature elements based on the legendary franchise. We believe Drop really took great care to present this and other keyboards in the series with aesthetics familiar to readers of J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary works.

This and other items under The Lord of The Rings’ collection tell us people’s fascination with Middle Earth remains as strong as ever. The Dwarvish keyboard sports a TKL configuration mounted on a dark gray ENTR anodized aluminum housing. The metal gives it a sleek and premium vibe.

It ships with the Dwarvish Keycap Set – a bundle that consists of the Training Dwarvish Base Kit with some selected keycaps from Durin’s Forge Kit. Users can customize its 87-key layout according to their personal tastes. It’s outfitted with Holy Panda X Switches and Drop Phantom Stabilizers.

White backlighting highlights the Cirth and Khuzdul characters of the keycaps. Moreover, an artwork of the Doors of Durin by OSHETART adorns the space just above the arrow keys. In the box is the Dwarvish keyboard, a keycap puller, and a USB-A to USB-C cable.


“Forged with steadfast durability and finished with a faithfully translated script, our officially-licensed MT3 The Lord of the Rings Dwarvish Keycap Set truly approached the storied Dwarven standard of quality,” writes Drop.

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Images courtesy of Drop