Among the bikes we featured last week, there were a couple of cool concepts themed around the Cybertruck. Elon Musk knows he already has a winner on his hands even before it hits the market when it influences just about anything. Given there is no word of an electric motorcycle currently in development, Nazar Eisa shares a concept called the Dust Tesla.

Over the years, the manufacturer remains the gold standard when it comes to emission-free technology. As such, we understand why people base their ideas on the brand. What stands out about the Dust Tesla is how it incorporates visual influences from Disney’s iconic sci-fi film “Tron” into the design.

This electric motorcycle rides closely to the ground on top of two hubless wheels. It’s great that the artist is not going all out with the lighting. Instead, you have LED strips that outline the wheels and fork. You can also see an ambient glow in blue at the front and red for the taillights on the swingarm.

Since we don’t have a list of specs to work with, we believe the Dust Tesla is lighter than it appears. High-capacity rechargeable batteries are heavy so it should sit somewhere close to the ground. This arrangement should keep the center of gravity low for stability.

We like the blend of curves and lines of the body which might be crafted out of metal and carbon fiber. Next, the subframe dips and rises back subtly on the rear to form the seat. Unless this section has some form of cushioning, the Dust Tesla could be an uncomfortable ride. Still, we’re just glad the aesthetics is not stylish another take on the Cybertruck.

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Images courtesy of Nazar Eisa